Seed Licence Arrangements

The majority of grain varieties grown in Australia have an end point royalty (EPR) and seed is purchased under a license agreement. The seed licence is a legally binding contract between the grower and licensor and contains terms and conditions that a grower needs to abide by when using seed and grain of the variety. This includes authorised growers making EPR payments for grain sold and only using subsequent seed for their own use.

Unauthorised sales of seed of the varieties with Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) is an infringement under the "Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994" and may result in fines of up to $55,000 for an individual and $275,000 for a company and be in breach of the seed licence.


PBA Lentil Varieties

Seed of PBA lentil varieties all have a PBR bag licence with terms and conditions on a seed tag attached to every bag of seed sold.  Growers may purchase bulk seed upon completion and signing a Licence Agreement.
Example of PBR bag licence for PBA lentil varieties (pdf, 297kb's)

Intergrain Wheat Varieties

Seed of Intergrain wheat varieties are purchased under an Industry Standard Seed Licence and Royalty Agreement (pdf, 400kb's).

NuSeed Wheat Varieties

A variety licence (pdf, 412kb's) is applicable to seed of NuSeed wheat varieties.




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