All Lentil and Chickpea Recipes


Roasted carrot & red lentil dip – Red lentils
Indian style red lentil dip – Red lentils
Hommus - Chickpeas


Spanish brown lentil soup – Spanish brown lentils
Spiced chicken & lentil soup – Red lentils
Turkish style lentil soup – Red lentils
Chickpea & Lentil soup – Red lentils & Chickpeas
Chickpea & Leek soup - Chickpeas
Lemon Coriander Chickpea Soup – Chickpeas
Rocket & Green lentil soup – Green lentils
Moroccan style lentil soup - Green lentils
Spicy Lentil Soup - French Green lentils


Orange and black lentil couscous salad – Mt Byron black lentils
Greek style black lentil salad – Mt Byron black lentils
Spicy Spanish lentil, pumpkin and goats cheese salad – Spanish brown lentils
Orange, beetroot and Persian lentil salad – Persian red lentils
Red lentil & coriander salad
- Red lentils
Persian red lentil tabouli– Persian Red lentils
Chickpea, tuna & pasta salad – Chickpeas
Lentil Nicoise salad – Green lentils
French lentil & lamb salad – French green lentils
Spicy lentil salad – French green lentils


Green lentil & prawn chilli balls – Green lentils
Lentil "sausage" rolls – Green lentils
Red lentil patties with yoghurt mint sauce – Red lentils
Lentil Wontons – Red lentils
Lentil & vegetable rosti – Red lentils
Roasted tomato & eggplant on red lentil mash – Red lentils
Falafel - Chickpeas


Salmon with mango & black lentil salsa – Mt Byron black lentils
Roasted sausage with braised black lentils and bacon – Mt Byron black lentils
Braised Spanish lentils with chorizo – Spanish brown lentils
Persian lentil pilaf – Persian red lentils
Red lentil curry – Red lentils
Lentil spaghetti bolognese – Red lentils
Leek & lentil pasta - Green lentils
Lentil & vegetable curry –Green lentils
Lentil burgers – Green lentils
Mexican lentil wraps – Green lentils
Beef fillet with french lentils & red wine sauce – French Green lentils
Chicken breast on a bed of french lentils – French Green lentils
Lamb shanks with french green lentils – French Green lentils
Chickpea and chicken tagine – Chickpea


Lentil chocolate cake with berry coulis – Green lentils
Lentil & pecan nut cheesecake – Green lentils
Lentil carrot cake – Green lentils